Child Custody, Child Support, and Visitation

Child custody is one of the most important issues to arise during a divorce or separation proceeding. At the Law Offices of Couhglin Rainboth Murphy and Lown, we have extensive experience and expertise in this complex area of the law. We are aggressive advocates for the rights of our clients and their children in the divorce process and have the ability to work with other professionals, including social workers and counselors, to make sure children are cared for properly.
Under the law, parents have an obligation to support their children financially. New Hampshire and Maine courts base child support determinations on the income and financial resources of each parent. We help our clients protect their rights to child support, and assist in enforcement of awards when necessary.

In New Hampshire and Maine , child custody may involve sole custody for one parent, joint legal custody where both parents share in making decisions for the child but the child lives primarily with one parent, or joint physical custody where the child splits his or her time between the parents.

Issues arising in custody matters often center on determining what is in the best interests of the child, sometimes including the fitness of each parent, who has been the primary caretaker, parental involvement, and any allegations of abuse. We can help you resolve these issues, determine the best situation for you and your child, and advocate aggressively for your rights.
We also have extensive experience advocating for clients’ rights to visit their children or grandchildren. We can help find an equitable solution that is in the best interests of the children.