Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage

When a marriage ends there are many issues to resolve, both financial and personal. Knowledgeable, experienced representation is necessary to successfully navigate this often emotionally charged territory. At the Law Offices of Couhglin Rainboth Murphy and Lown, we can help provide perspective and give effective counsel and advice to clients regarding all the issues that are likely to arise in the divorce.

Our focus on personal relationships means that before we do anything, we sit down and listen to your needs and goals so that we can advise you on the most appropriate course of action. We can help clarify many issues arising in the divorce, including whether you are entitled to spousal maintenance, how the assets of the marriage should be divided, and, if there are children, how to arrange custody, child support and visitation.

We know that every person and every set of circumstances is unique. Whether you decide to file for a divorce citing fault by your spouse, file for a mutual consent divorce or a no-fault divorce, or use an alternative resolution process such as mediation or collaborative law, we make sure you will always be the ultimate decision maker.

We consider ourselves to be members of your team, working together to achieve the best possible result.