Orders of Protection / Restraining Orders

If you or your children are in physical danger from your spouse or someone else, The Law Offices of Coughlin Rainboth Murphy and Lown can help you obtain an emergency order of protection or a restraining order. We have extensive experience with the various types of temporary and long-term orders for protection that are available. We will help you assess your particular circumstances, understand your options, and obtain the appropriate form of protection.

We provide complete representation to victims of domestic violence in any civil court matters that arise, from initially filing a temporary restraining order, restraining order, civil protection order or personal protection order, to ensuring that the order is enforced.

Sometimes cases of domestic violence require criminal prosecution. In those cases, we will counsel you on how to bring your case to the state’s attorney and advise you on the process.

Our primary goal in seeking an order of protection is the safety and security of our client. We will help you use the strength of the legal system to protect you.