Prenuptial / Partnership / Non-Marital Agreements

As more people wait to get married or enter into second marriages, they often bring substantial assets to the union.

Prenuptial agreements are designed to set out the terms for division of the assets if the marriage should end. It may be advisable to enter into a prenuptial agreement if you have children from a previous marriage, own a business or other substantial assets, are concerned about a potential partner’s debt, or just want added assurance that if the marriage does not succeed, you can avoid some of the expense and effort involved in dividing property in a divorce proceeding.

Even if you do not get married, it may be advisable to enter into a partnership or non-marital agreement to clarify your financial position and protect your legal interests.

Family members in business together may also benefit from forming a family limited partnership or other arrangement that sets out their respective rights and obligations and provides for business succession and the transfer of the business to the next generation.

At the Law Offices of Couhglin Rainboth Murphy and Lown, we will work with you to understand your unique financial picture and provide the tools to protect your legal rights and financial security. We can assist in all aspects of drafting, reviewing and enforcing prenuptial and other agreements.