License of Exeter Hospital doctor revoked

CONCORD — An Exeter Hospital doctor had her license revoked for allegedly being unresponsive to inquiries by the New Hampshire Board of Medicine.

In a letter issued Oct. 4, Dr. Loretta A. Obi’s license to practice medicine in the state was revoked, “due to her repeated failure to cooperate with the Board of Medicine’s requests for communication,” as required by law and she is now prohibited from practicing, writing prescriptions and treating or seeing patients in New Hampshire.

According to the order revoking Obi’s license, the Board of Medicine reported receiving information from the National Practitioner Database (NPDB) that listed Obi posing, “an immediate threat to health or safety” by allegedly making “inappropriate” and “unprofessional” comments to patients and for allegedly failing to keep accurate or adequate records to prescribing, dispensing or administering medication.  READ MORE >>