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Hospital and Doctors fail to notify patient that X-Ray showed possible cancer. $975,000 Settlement.

A 55 Year old women died from lung cancer after Hospital and Doctors failed to notify a patient that an x-ray showed possible cancerous mass.

The Patient went to the E.R where a chest x-ray was performed.  The radiologist then identified a worrisome mass in the lung and forwarded a copy of his report to where the patient was being treated in the hospital.   However the patient was discharged without being notified of the results by the emergency room doctor.

Hospital records showed the primary care physician was sent a copy of the x-ray report. The Primary Care physician claims she did not receive it.  During the 19 months following the emergency room visit the patient saw her primary care physician 4 times and at no time was the patient notified about her suspicious mass.  The patient was re-admitted to the same hospital with lung issues 19 months later and at that time the report from her earlier x-ray resurfaced.  The diagnosis of metastic lung cancer was made but do to the very long delay in diagnosis and treatment the patient died.