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Hospital officials, trial lawyers clash on New Hampshire “early offer” bill.

The New Hampshire Union Leader (4/17, Siefer) reported, “Hospital representatives and trial lawyers clashed Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee over a bill that would give patients an alternative method for resolving malpractice claims. Senate Bill 406 was passed by a wide margin in the Senate last month. Now, both House and Senate leaders are eager to get the committee’s endorsement and have the measure approved by the full House.” The bill would create an “early offer” process for voluntarily settlements, subject to dollar limits on non-economic damages; plaintiffs who reject an “early offer” would have to prove gross negligence. The account noted that the bill “is such a high priority for House and Senate leaders that committee Chairman Robert Rowe, R-Amherst, set aside another full day for testimony on the bill next week, with a voting session to be held the week after.”