Questions About Workers Compensation and Your Rights. Call Coughlin Rainboth Murphy and Lown

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  1. How soon does workers’ compensation start?
  2. How do they figure my workers’ compensation rate?
  3. Can I see my own doctor?
  4. Who pays for my prescriptions?
  5. Do I need an attorney?
  6. Can my employer fire me?
  7. What type of light duty job can my employer offer me?
  8. If I return to light duty, can my employer reduce my rate of pay?
  9. How long is my claim open?
  10. Is workers’ compensation taxable?
  11. What are my rights and responsibilities?
  12. I am thinking of establishing a business in NH. How do I go about providing workers’ compensation insurance for my employees?
  13. What are the requirements for workers’ compensation?
  14. Do you have to have workers’ compensation on part-time employees?
  15. Do I have to have workers’ compensation on family members?
  16. What constitutes an independent contractor?
  17. If we have liability or health insurance, doesn’t it take the place of workers’ compensation?
  18. Why am I getting a letter from the state when my workers’ compensation is already paid?
  19. How long do I have to file a claim for an injured employee?
  20. What are the requirements for new Workers’ Compensation carriers writing NH coverage?